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furby stories

"I got a Furby for Christmas in '99.
I had it for forever. It fell into a coma and years later it woke up in the middle of the night in my closet and I woke up hearing "IT'S DARK IN HERE."
I was so fucking scared.

This is a blog to share your childhood memories of Furbies, good or bad. Submit your stories here!
Jul 22 '14

pirate-jatarou asked:

Ah I have this cute white furby. It's under my sisters bed but it needs batteries I need too dig it out. I still love it after a terrifying experience. One night I was trying too sleep and I was thinking about how my furby needs new batteries so I went into the room too get it and it's eyes were grey so I knew it needed new batteries it started speaking with its grey eyes and I screamed and woke my parents up. She's still cute tho I just need too add new batteries haha. Her name is snowy.
Jul 17 '14

Okay, story time. I once had my own furby. His name was Todd. Now Todd was a 1998 giraffe colored furby. He liked to laugh and dance and sing until one day i was tired of it’s shit and took out the batteries. Todd stood on the top shelf of my bookcase until last year he screamed at the top of it’s lungs AYE NIMIE HONAHHHH and committed suicide. He jumped and broke into bits. Todd’s lifeless body is now on display at the local dump.

Jul 11 '14

So my grandma had like a 1999 grey “tabby” furby if I remember that correctly. It was grey and had brown and white woven into the fur, and it had the light grey ears and the sensor in its forehead was kinda a maroon colour.

Me at the time, I loved that thing to pieces until an incident which I’ll get into LOL. I was around four or five when I actually discovered my grandmas furby, since I lived with her. I think I named it like spots or something, and that was my favorite toy. I played with it all the time, and it was always claiming it wanted to eat me so I always fed it with my finger, and if it didn’t want my finger it just bit me. I remember a few weeks after discovering it my grandma had gotten annoyed with it since it was such an annoying toy, she had taken the batteries out of it while I was asleep and the next day I went to play with it and it worked perfectly okay. It was weird because every time I wanted to play with it I would ask you know? So I did and my grandma just said “I’m sorry sweetie, the batteries in it are gone so it won’t work anymore but you still can if you want” but like I said it worked fine. My grandmother freaked out when she heard it talk, saying it didn’t feel good. (Like when it would usually get a “belly ache” I think that’s what it said. I don’t even remember anymore) and she grabbed it from me and tore the batter back off. Sure enough the batteries weren’t there. Anyway, a few weeks later she just decided to put batteries back in it and I was playing with it, only to end up braking its ear, and I don’t even remember what it said soon after but it bit me next time I “fed” it, and the webbing in between my thumb and index finger got stuck in the hinges from how hard it bit me and how fast it did it. Luckily it didn’t tear skin, but it did bruise, but I have always bruised easily. needless to say, when I saw the new furbies surface, I cried. I’m almost 18 and I fucking cried because I didn’t want to see another one after all that happening. Yeah I hope they all burn somewhere, I’m never getting another damn furby

Now lets see if you all can sleep after reading that. I dunno if its that creepy but frankly it creeps me out LOL, and it happened to me

Jul 11 '14

I don’t exactly remember how old I was when I got my furby. My sister and I each got one for christmas. They would talk and laugh and have a great time. One day my sister wasn’t home and my furby started talking in a super creepy way. It freaked me out so I took out the batteries. It kept talking. At that point I decided it had to go and I threw it at the wall. It screamed and continued to talk. I’m still scared.

Jul 11 '14

Furby Custom

White furby

I had always wanted a Furby, so my dad found

one one on Ebay for about ten dollars. It was a

old one; a very old one. (Look above to see the

Furby) Well, it was pretty cute. But I ended up hating

how it looked, and I got scared being around those

lifeless eyes. I decided to get help from my brother.

He hacked it. We took the skin off and I decided to

'fix' him. I decided i'd customize him. I colored him

and added pink to his hair. Now he’s done and i’m

waiting for my brother to finish the hacking! I will

post an image of the finished furby soon!

Jul 11 '14

Once when I was 5 or 6 I had a zebra print furby. I thought those guys were terrifying, but for some reason my grandma that it was cute to get me one. She always set it on my bed when she cleaned my room. I couldn’t ever get to sleep when it was on my bed cuz I could feel it’s eyes on me. So each night I would throw it off my bed. One night I couldn’t get to sleep so instead of throwing the furby off my bed I pushed it to the crevice in between my bed and the wall. I got to bed quickly, and then I woke up a few hours later probably 2 am, and I noticed that somehow the furby got back on my bed so I pushed into the weird crevice area. I swear I heard it making those walking noises so I went to sleep. I quickly awaken to see none other than the fur by on my bed again. The next morning I trashed his little zebra ass no more creepy magic animal for me.

Jun 19 '14

I never had a furby so I never knew how creepy they were. But my sister has one and I find nothing creepy at all. When it gets mad, it is kind of scary and I leave it alone and it’ll go off. Well today I decided to play with it and it needed new batteries and I changed them and it still didn’t work, so i left it on the floor. After an hour or so my dog got a hold of it and it turned on and my dog flipped his shit and attacked its plastic little ass. It was something else. When it would talk he would bark at it and run away. So not all the furbies are bad, just give one to a dog and give yourself a show. (I do have a video of it barking at it and might submit it soon.)

Jun 7 '14

finlaandbabee asked:

I'm getting a Halloween 1999 furby limited edition! It's coming on monday! Let the games begin! 😈🙊

Everyone look at this cute little witch.

Enjoy your new bundle of joy~

Jun 6 '14

Anonymous asked:

It's 2am and i am laughing i love your blog

awww yes

Jun 6 '14

i love it again

im not scared