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furby stories

"I got a Furby for Christmas in '99.
I had it for forever. It fell into a coma and years later it woke up in the middle of the night in my closet and I woke up hearing "IT'S DARK IN HERE."
I was so fucking scared.

This is a blog to share your childhood memories of Furbies, good or bad. Submit your stories here!
Apr 26 '14

I hate furby

My room mate in college had a Furby that her boyfriend had gotten her. One night after we had fallen asleep, the Furby Woke us up screaming” I’m scared..It’s dark!”.  We freaked out and threw it down the laundry chute in our dorm.

Apr 22 '14
My new furby furbling is awesome I have 2 furblings and 1 furby boom I started collecting them when I saw them on my furby app for iPads only I hope to get more furbys and more furblings I hope you enjoyed my story by

My new furby furbling is awesome I have 2 furblings and 1 furby boom I started collecting them when I saw them on my furby app for iPads only I hope to get more furbys and more furblings I hope you enjoyed my story by

Apr 9 '14

derpyderpderpswastaken asked:

I have a question.. Should I get a furby, if so what happens,are all of them creepy?

None of them are creepy, what are you talking about?

Apr 9 '14

It WILL eat me

I remember when I was around 5/6 one of the things I wanted was a furby (didnt everyone at the time?). Anyway, I got this white one and my little sister got this pink one, Innocent enough colors I guess. When I was opening the box, I remember thinking that they were cute, when I put in the batteries I thought they were kind of cool because I was five and was like COOL my toys TALK to me!!!! Eventually though as the christmas day dragged on it started getting creepier and creepier, it wouldn’t say anything scary really but something about those plastic eyes that somehow come off as accusing as hell when you put it down and try to sleep for the night is eerie as hell. I was sleeping with my younger sister and I can distinctly remember, I heard the whirring of its ears and eyes moving, which was creepy as fuck since they were supposed to be activated by motion sensor. And of course it would start to ramble on s furbies do….but the topper of this story is when it stopped moving and said in its devilishly furby voice, “I’m hungry.”

Apr 4 '14

I had a furby when I was 5 and I thought it was the most brilliant thing ever. It learned how to speak spanish and it’s favorite little phrase was “oops i farted” but in spanish. It had a bunch of other little phrases but that one was by far it’s favorite. It would somewhat waddle from time to time which I thought was normal. I had it well over a year but my mom put in storage because she thought it was creepy. About 6 years later, my mother gave the furby to my aunt who was a collector of cute plush toys. Although she wasn’t a fan of the furby, she actually thought it was really ugly, she took it in. 3 months later, she gave us a call and told us the scariest story I had heard up until that point. 

She called us and told us one night the furby randomly started talking, demanding to be let out of the box she kept it in. She ended up putting it in a room downstairs and one night she randomly woke up to little pitter patters from downstairs. She looked down and she swore and still swears that to this day she saw it walking around down stairs ( kinda fast tbh) and saying it’s favorite little catchphrase and laughing. 

Mar 31 '14

Anonymous asked:

i still have a gremlins furby!~ my mom LOVES gizmo and she collects furbies so its just the best thing to her o3o

For those who don’t know how cute the Gizmo Furby is:


Mar 26 '14

2/2 My friend goes out into the hallway because it’s obvious my dad is doing it and she starts screaming her head off. Me and my sister run out into the hallway and the furby is HANGING FROM THE CHANDELIER WITH DEAD EYES. We basically flip and tear down the stairs. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. The furby is literally just hanging there, I’m dying, my friend is crying, my sister is screaming. We find my dad laughing in the other room. My dad (obviously) set the whole thing up. It still has no batteries. Wish me luck.

Mar 26 '14

Little sister’s furby

1/2 So today my eight year old sister had a birthday party, and what does she get, a FURBY. Her friend gave it to her because she knows I’m afraid of it. So me and my younger sister and my friend are sitting on the ground looking at this furby because we couldn’t get the batteries in. We somehow got my sister to be afraid of it and so we took it downstairs. Next thing we know my dad yells “Why are the lights flickering?” and we see the light in our hallway flickering.

Mar 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

This blog is awesome ! But I wish your followers could submit more true stories, if you know what I mean. I like the crazy ones too though don't take me wrong people.

Truer words have never been spoken on this blog.


Mar 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

I'll give you a nickle if you tickle my pickle